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Sinopec tops list of 500 Chinese enterprises

Chinese oil giant Sinopec Group ranked first on the 2014 edition of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises list. It is the tenth time they’ve received the crown.

The Top 500 Chinese Enterprises list, jointly released by China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association, was compiled based on revenues in 2013.

With total revenues of 2.95 trillion yuan (478.24 billion U.S. dollars) in 2013, Sinopec Group takes the first place for a 10th straight year.

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Declaring your love - a bridge too far?

Would you marry someone if he climbs a 20-meter-high bridge and paint your name on top of it ?

Such declarations of love and other graffiti were found by an aerial photography amateur as he took photos of Haide Bridge, a cross-sea bridge in Beihai City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

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Seeing is not believing!

Can’t believe your eyes? Take a second look!

College graduates in Shanxi Province have produced a series of 3D art works that cause visual illusions.

The works, now on display, break 2D limitations to create a visually-challenging space.

It’s part of the exhibition named “3D illusion art space” and it’s being staged in a shopping mall. The art works, which have grabbed the attention of many shoppers, are all created by graduates from Shanxi University.

China’s Hachi waits for its owner!

A dog waits for its owner at the ruins of a house, unaware that the owner has left after the house was burned down. The story of this Chinese version of the hit movie ‘Hachi’ has been happening for real in south China and has moved many people.

The fire broke out Sunday evening in Shangxie Village, Ninghua County of Fujian Province. After firefighters put out the fire, the house owner was put up for the night by his relatives living nearby.

The dog was then found by firefighters at the ruins of the house with its back burned and right eye hardly open.

Neighbors said the dog kept lying at the ruins of the house and refused to take any food from them. One of them offered to adopt the dog, but when he came close to it, it looked fierce and showed its teeth, apparently still guarding its home.

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Breast cancer rate soars in Beijing

The Beijing breast cancer rate has increased by 90 percent in the past two decades, China daily reported on Monday.

The incidence of breast cancer in Beijing is over double the rate worldwide, according to statistics revealed at the annual meeting of the Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance in Beijing at the weekend.

Sun Qiang, director of the Peking Union Medical College Hospital’s Breast Center, said while worldwide there’s a drop in the death rate, the situation in China shows an opposite trend.

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Napoleon exhibition storms China

The biggest ever exhibition in China on Napoleon Bonaparte is underway at the Hubei Provincial Museum, in Wuhan city, South China’s Hubei province.

It is a part of recent exchange activities to mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-French diplomatic relations. The exhibition titled The Eagle across Europe — Napoleon 1769-1821, features more than 280 items from the private collections of the French emperor, opened on Aug 29.

Napoleon is well known in China for his famous quote which says“a soldier without ambitions to be a general is not a good soldier” in Chinese. But aside from the phrase, little is known about the French leader.

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China runners on top - sports track built on school roof!

A resourceful school in East China has come up with a novel way of overcoming a lack of building land.

They’ve built a running track on the school roof - thought to be the first in Chinese mainland.

It welcomed its first runners on Monday, at the beginning of the new semester in China.

The 200-meter-long track was built recently, complete with a basketball court, on the roof of the Second Primary School of Chicheng Street in Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province. The reason - a shortage of building land around the school.

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UK to release Chinese ‘Year of the Sheep’ coin

The UK’s official coin manufacturer, the Royal Mint, have just released new ‘Year of the Sheep’ coins in honor of the Chinese zodiac on Monday.

It is the second in a series of coins created to show animals from the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This year’s animal has been the horse.

But as the ‘Year of the Horse’ winds down, the Royal Mint is now gearing up for the 2015 Shengxiao Collection. The next animal to be minted will be the sheep.

The designer of the new coin is a British Chinese artist and printmaker, Wuon-Gean Ho, who also designed the previous Year of the Horse coin.

The Royal Mint’s Lunar coin series reflects the Shengxiao tradition, linking each year to one of 12 animals, with the animal traits attributed to those born in a given Lunar year.

                                                                                                                     On the ‘Year of the Sheep’ face is the Swaedale sheep, the national sheep of Yorkshire. The other side features Queen Elizabeth II’s head.
While the face value of the coins begins at 2 pounds, the selling price starts at £82.50.

Quake zone students greet new semester

Monday is the first day of school. For students in southwestern China’s Yunnan Province, the disastrous earthquake in August has not stopped their new school semester.

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Forget square dancing, Qigong is all the rage!

Over 1,500 aged people joined a “Qigong flash”, showing up together to join the practice, in Changsha City, Hunan Province on Sunday.

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