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Netizens unimpressed with “air restaurant”

Netizens across China have been resoundingly unimpressed by the “air restaurant” that was set up in Shanghai over the weekend.

Pictures of people dining in a floating restaurant, 50 meters in the air, went viral on Sina Weibo over the weekend.

The event was held by the Four Seasons Hotel and Dinner in the Sky in Shanghai.

According to a report, a 50-minute-long meal, including “travel time” up and down ranges from 1,888 yuan ($300) to 8,888 yuan ($1,420) per person, depending on the choice of food.

All customers were secured in their seats, and waiters were reportedly “armed to the teeth”, with safety harnesses.

The restaurant plans to serve up to 308 people over the weekend, according to the report.

For users on Sina Weibo, however, the novelty of the experience wasn’t worth the price. What’s more, there were some practical considerations that they were keen on clarifying too.

“Not really interesting, especially for those who work at construction sites.”

“What if people want to go to the toilet?”


“It’s just a crane…it sucks.”

“Now I understand what they mean when they say ‘too much money for too little brain’.”

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